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Camp siman $

Posted on April 17, 2016 at 2:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Unit Commanders and Members,


I wish to take a bit of your time and explain how Camp Siman will work and how the money will be used. First I want to thank those of you who have spent time working on the site. Second I want to thank those of you who have supported our events, to date we have had four and it was you who made them happen. Next for those of you who have not attended any of our events, I want to encourage you to try to make time and come out and enjoy this grea...

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20 Feb

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For those who would like to camp, the gate will open @ 4pm 19 February and be locked @ 10pm unless you notify me of a later arrival. Gate will reopen at 6am 20 February. All camping will end @...

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Camp siman Events

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As I know a lot of you for various reasons have not been able to help out with Camp Siman, so what I would like to ask of you is to support our events. There will be NO Member discount or free gate entry just because you are a member of the FSSF or 6th Corps these events are fundraisers, yes I will also pay. All proceeds from the gate will go to make improvements at Camp Siman. We will have a fixed gate fee of $15 per head per event this will be the same for all r...

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About three weeks ago, I threw a tantrum about being let down on you all helping with the work on Camp Siman. It seems I must have hit a note, in the past three weeks with those of you who have responded we have done more work on the main camp area than in the past six months. Up till now, I have been on my own, yes I have a dream, a quest to create a re-enactor paradise at Camp Siman, a dream which I intend to fulfill. Since we have lost Doolittle and Stars & ...

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6-7 Feb, Camp Siman

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I will be at Camp Siman this weekend Saturday and Sunday, the weather is supposed to be great. I just bought a new chainsaw, my third, and I'm ready to go. if you can help let me know. Now, I send out group e-mails and it is very obvious that not all of you can do this. I just want every one to know what is going on.


We have our tactical on 20 February, Scott is working very hard on this, please register on Eventbrite. https://www.eventbrite.c...

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Great weekend at Camp Siman

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Outstanding day, the weather was perfect in the sixtys. We had twelve reenactors show and a good time was had by all. Thanks to Steve for running the Mess and being the camp sitter. Thanks to the two Germans, Chris and Dave for the ambushes which gave me three heart attacks and to Scott for his hard work on the February Tactical. And to my son who after one year finally made it to Camp Siman to see for himself what my dream is all about.



Another ...

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Good Day

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This weekend was one of the best for Camp Siman in quite a while. I wish to thank Scott, Dennis, Mac, Ed and Lloyd for their time and efforts this weekend. We burned two very large brush piles from the Reception Center and the Russian Camp. A large area of the Russian camp was cleared as well. All of the trails in Range Three and Five were marked for the 30 January Hike. Planning was begun for the 20 February Tactical. Planes were set to start work on the British/...

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January planning days

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January 23 & 24 will be planning days for the Hike on 30 January and the tactical on 20 February. I will be marking trails for the hike and planning the tactical with Scott and Dennis. I would like to finish the US camp site this weekend as well. In order to do that I need at least one or two chain saws and one or two persons, it will only take about two hours.


Please let me know if you will be there



camp siman dream

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Last night I sent a very angry and disjointed email about Camp Siman, it was not intended for everyone, just a few.


Please read this email and please respond to me.


The two Living History Events which 6th Corps had hosted are now gone, Doolittle and Stars & Stripes. I want to concentrate on Camp Siman for fun and Tacticals.


Mike Siman has presented to our group exclusively the use of 157 acres to do wh...

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labor Day

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Labor Day Weekend the 29th PGR will host a WW II Tactical at Camp Siman. This is by invitation only and persons other than 6th Corps members must be approved either by Chris Adams or myself. Chris's group will be running the event that weekend. More will be posted as soon as Chris and his group final the plan. The focus of this event is to get a feel for how Camp Siman may be used for future events, in other words we need to play around a few times before the, w...

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