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Camp siman $

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Unit Commanders and Members,


I wish to take a bit of your time and explain how Camp Siman will work and how the money will be used. First I want to thank those of you who have spent time working on the site. Second I want to thank those of you who have supported our events, to date we have had four and it was you who made them happen. Next for those of you who have not attended any of our events, I want to encourage you to try to make time and come out and enjoy this great site.


On a personal note, Camp Siman has been a most wonderful gift to me from Mary and Mike Siman. These past 16 months have keepet me alive, the winter months are very difficult for me and the past two winters have been very mild thus I have been able to get out of the house and stay active and do something which I truly enjoy, working outdoors. My past experience as a volunteer trail worker for the State Parks Department in bedded the desire to sculpt the land in such a way as others may enjoy it. I greatly appreciate any help I can get but I am quite OK with doing it myself. The feeling of accomplishment of meeting goals and creating something which others can enjoy just completely satisfies me. So if you are afraid to attend any of our events thinking that I will shove a chain saw into your hands and put you to work, well please stop thinking that. All I want is for you to come out and enjoy this new premier tactical re-enacting site which I have been blessed to create.


Now, back to business. As the Property Manager and Event Coordinator for Camp Siman it is my job to figure out how to make this site work best for our hobby our group and the owners.


So here is the deal. All events will have a $15 gate fee per person. Military vehicle owners who use their vehicle for the event are free and that means only the vehicle owner not the crew or passengers. All vendors are free unless they participate in the event then they will pay the gate fee. Vendors must bring there own tables and fly's ect.


Camp Siman Events, read 6th Corps LHG STL MO and FSSF 6-3 will sponsor all events unless (for now, more on this later) you are an HRS Chartered unit, then you will sponsor the event and apply for the HRS insurance.. But the individual units that make up 6th Corps LHG STL MO may host events. Unit Commanders if you were to host an event your group will receive $5 for each paid re-enactor participating in an event. The other $10 will go into the Camp Siman Event bank account. So if an event had 100 participants your group will receive $500 at the end of the event, no waiting, the other $1000 will go into the Camp Siman Event bank account.


What does it mean to host an event? Unit commanders will submit to me all of the details of the event and I will create the Eventbrite page and the Facebook event page. The reason behind this is simple, I want to use the exact same format for all Camp Siman Events so that in time re-enactors will know what to expect and they will be able to navigate through our events the same way each time. You will be the POC for the Event and you will be responsible for all aspects of the event with out any interference from me with the exception of Safety and protecting the property owners. You will create the entire event in every way. You will run the event in the way you want to.


What am I doing with all of this money? As of now, we have $250 in the bank. Proceeds from events will be used for improvements to the property. First is replacing or repairing/painting the gates # one, two and three and adding several gates in the interior of the property and then some road work to make the property more vehicle friendly which will enhance the events. Then I want to offer gas bounty for Military Vehicles to get them out to our events. Then by 2017 I want to be self insured, (more later I have an idea), so we can host Viet Nam, Civil War, air soft and other types of events.


This year we have 6 events scheduled and I may add one more. Too many you say! NO, thus far we have had an attendance under 20 per event. I want to fill the calendar and hope that re-enactors will start to wonder just what is this place called Camp Siman with the hope that they will start showing up. I live on the premise that if you build it they will come.


Now, the May event the FSSF 6-3 will host, (all proceeds from any Force hosted event will go into the account), the July PTO event is open for a host,(Aussie's interested), the October MTO event is looking for a host and I may post one for August so it needs a hosting unit. Here is a chance for your group to make some money to do that special project or to upgrade that piece of equipment.


I have a vision and it is Camp Siman the new premier tactical re-enacting site in the Midwest, please join me and lets make this happen.


Here are the 6th Corps Groups which are eligible to host events.










326th Airborne Engineer Battalion Charlie Company 101st Airborne


Gebirgsjager Regiment 139, 3 Gebrigsjager Division

Please ask me any queations any time.


Gary Adkins

Property Manager and Event Coordinator.

20 Feb

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For those who would like to camp, the gate will open @ 4pm 19 February and be locked @ 10pm unless you notify me of a later arrival. Gate will reopen at 6am 20 February. All camping will end @12 noon Sunday. All camping will be in the US camp area only. Open pit cooking and BBQ pit available. Pit toilet on site.

All POV's will park along Lake Shore Drive located between Gate #2, main entrance and the Crossroads, look for signs. Overflow parking will be on the dam. NO POV's in the Reception area from 6am Saturday until end of tactical.

Follow the 'We Support our Troops" signs with the blue arrows too Camp Siman located at HWY 21 & CC, HWY CC & HWY E and at HWY E and Rustic Road(Gravel). If arriving after dark, the Main Gate has a street light just across from the entrance.

ALL blank ammunition will be in clear plastic bags. Belts, stripper clips and end blocks may be pre-loaded. NO pre-loaded magazines any loaded magazines will be unloaded for inspection.

Operation Dragoon” begin on 15 August 1944, the Airborne phase of “Dragoon” ended on the night of 16-17 August as the First Airborne Task Force made contact with elements of the 36 Infantry Division of the Seaborne Forces which then came under VI Corps control. The mission now was to protect the eastern flank of the Seventh Army moving up the Rhone Valley and to assault the Var River Line and capture the city of Nice, followed with an advance up to the Maritime Alps and the Franco/Italian border.

This is a World War Two Tactical open to all WW II re-enacting units, all impressions all theaters.


19-21 February 2016, Southern France, the “Champagne Campaign”, Camp Siman, Tiff, MO


Walk on's Welcome. Please pre-register:

Camp siman Events

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As I know a lot of you for various reasons have not been able to help out with Camp Siman, so what I would like to ask of you is to support our events. There will be NO Member discount or free gate entry just because you are a member of the FSSF or 6th Corps these events are fundraisers, yes I will also pay. All proceeds from the gate will go to make improvements at Camp Siman. We will have a fixed gate fee of $15 per head per event this will be the same for all re-enactors except vehicle owners who will be free.


Camp Siman needs some road repair, I have identified three spots which need some grad work, fix these spots and we will be able to drive any vehicle through out the site. I want this to be the first project. I have identified two spots to add gates for now, then I want to put future money towards getting insurance so we can host different events.


I hope you will be able to support Camp Siman either with your labor or attending our events or you can make a cash donation to help out.




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About three weeks ago, I threw a tantrum about being let down on you all helping with the work on Camp Siman. It seems I must have hit a note, in the past three weeks with those of you who have responded we have done more work on the main camp area than in the past six months. Up till now, I have been on my own, yes I have a dream, a quest to create a re-enactor paradise at Camp Siman, a dream which I intend to fulfill. Since we have lost Doolittle and Stars & Stripes, Camp Siman is all I have left. I will not place names here, you know who you are and THANK YOU!


Last weekend we had a fun time with the Hike, a low turnout, but a good time. I really wish that those of you who have not been to Camp Siman YET would make the effort to come out and just see the place. I do understand that this is not a priority in your life and I do understand that the hard work may not be your cup of tee and I do not expect you to devote time away from work, school and family just to help full fill my dream. but I do want you to understand that my dream includes you, my friends.


Some of you I have not heard from in almost a year, some of you have not renewed your HRS Membership for 2016. Please talk to me, I need to know what your intentions are. For those of you who have not attended the March Tactical in 2015, the two Open houses in 2015, the training day in 2015 and the January hike this year, what is wrong, were are you. Talk to me.


Mike and Mary Siman have given our group an opportunity of a life time, one which most re-enacting groups would give up there Charters for, 157 acres of land to do as we please, to keep all revenue from the gate for our own use and to take our hobby to new levels in Missouri. With each passing weekend of work on this land, we gain and the Siman's gain it is a win win for all of us.


I am on site most Saturday and Sunday days when there are no other events to keep me busy. For our membership I invite you to join me in supporting this opportunity to advance our hobby and to keep WW II Re-enactig in Missouri.


One of the things that I want to ask of my friends, why are you not supporting me, 6th Corps and the Force in this outstanding opportunity. We have another tactical on 20 February and the next one is 13 May, please support our sponsored events. As a group, we are only as good as our whole.


As to our members who have had employment issues, live at great distances or our members in Canada and England please take this for what it is a group e-mail to our members.


S/SGT Adkins, G.A.

FSSF 6-3 Commanding


6th Corps LHG STL MO

6-7 Feb, Camp Siman

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I will be at Camp Siman this weekend Saturday and Sunday, the weather is supposed to be great. I just bought a new chainsaw, my third, and I'm ready to go. if you can help let me know. Now, I send out group e-mails and it is very obvious that not all of you can do this. I just want every one to know what is going on.


We have our tactical on 20 February, Scott is working very hard on this, please register on Eventbrite.


I will very soon announce the: "The Champagne Campaign a Spring Offensive, a WW II Tactical' which will be in May 2016.


Now as for this weekend, the hell with Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl, I will be killing cedar trees and having a great time doing so. I could use your help.


Gary Adkins

Secretary 6th Corps LHG STL MO

Commander FSSF 6-3


Great weekend at Camp Siman

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Outstanding day, the weather was perfect in the sixtys. We had twelve reenactors show and a good time was had by all. Thanks to Steve for running the Mess and being the camp sitter. Thanks to the two Germans, Chris and Dave for the ambushes which gave me three heart attacks and to Scott for his hard work on the February Tactical. And to my son who after one year finally made it to Camp Siman to see for himself what my dream is all about.



Another outstanding work day at Camp Siman. Ed and Lloyd along with myself cleared 50% of the Australian or British/Commenwealth camp site. About two more work days and the US and B/C camp sites will be completely cleared, then we have a very large brush pile to burn. We created two large piles of logs and dry branches for future camp fires.

Remember the 20 February Tactical which Scott Wilke is creating and running and I'm planning on a Spring Tactical most likely in May. We will have more hikes in the future. Chase and Dwight had some good ideas and I liked the way Chris and Dave did the ambushes in the future the hikes will be called "A Walk in the Sun" and have some reflection of the movie. I would like to do a PTO in late summer, any Jap impressions out there. And I'm looking to do an Eastern Front in the winter.



Good Day

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This weekend was one of the best for Camp Siman in quite a while. I wish to thank Scott, Dennis, Mac, Ed and Lloyd for their time and efforts this weekend. We burned two very large brush piles from the Reception Center and the Russian Camp. A large area of the Russian camp was cleared as well. All of the trails in Range Three and Five were marked for the 30 January Hike. Planning was begun for the 20 February Tactical. Planes were set to start work on the British/Commonwealth camp next Sunday, day after the hike.


All in all, I'm very pleased with the progress made this weekend and I just hope that the momentum can be maintained in the future.


For those of you who have not been to Camp Siman, join us this Saturday for the Hike.



January planning days

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January 23 & 24 will be planning days for the Hike on 30 January and the tactical on 20 February. I will be marking trails for the hike and planning the tactical with Scott and Dennis. I would like to finish the US camp site this weekend as well. In order to do that I need at least one or two chain saws and one or two persons, it will only take about two hours.


Please let me know if you will be there



camp siman dream

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Last night I sent a very angry and disjointed email about Camp Siman, it was not intended for everyone, just a few.


Please read this email and please respond to me.


The two Living History Events which 6th Corps had hosted are now gone, Doolittle and Stars & Stripes. I want to concentrate on Camp Siman for fun and Tacticals.


Mike Siman has presented to our group exclusively the use of 157 acres to do what we want for reenacting. The trade off is to help clear the dam and to improve the property. Mike has stated that he will take NO part of the gate fee from any event we host. The original idea was to take the gate fee and use it to give gas bounty to vehicles owners for Stars & Stripes, now that money will be used to supply gas bounty for Camp Siman as well as to help finance the improvements and in time to buy our own insurance for events.


6th Corps has @ 40 members, thus far only one third of that number have helped with any of the work, and the others have not even set foot on the property. I want to think that our group is better than that. We really need the support of all the members. Granted I do understand that some work on weekends, others live too great a distance and some have physical issues which prevent them for helping. We all have a life which only allows a limited time for our hobby, I'm just asking that you try to set a day or so to help out. We have been working on Camp Siman for 14 months now, yes over one year.


As of this date, most of the main roads are open to vehicle movement of all types. Some need work still. The Reception Center is almost complete, the Containment Area is only 30 % complete. There is one pit toilet on site, in time there will be four. The pistol range is started. We have a large fire pit, two cooking grates and a BBQ pit on site with picnic tables and four burn barrels. And the dam is well on the way to being cleared.


When I ask for work days that means a lot of different things. Working on clearing the dam is most important but there are other things which we need to do to make this site perfect. I need help with burning four huge brush piles, this is the best time of year for that. There are two picnic tables which need new tops put on them, the replacement wood is on site, need tools hardware and workers to do it. There are camp sites which need to be cleared. Roads to be opened up by trimming back or cutting down trees. Tires and plies of broken glass and trash to be removed. Rock to be moved to make more fire pits in the camp areas. Piles of tree trunks to be moved from the dam to the camp sites and cut into fire wood, piles of tree trunks in the camp areas to be cut into fire wood. Gates to be painted and eventually to be replaced. New gates to be added to certain areas. Trails to be cleared. And more.


What is the plain?

1. Finish clearing the Allied Camp, one - two days depending on people and chain saws. then the other three camps.

2. Burn brush piles

3. Clear and repair Gate one. Needs new post and trees removed.

4. improve sections of roads, pick and shovel or some kind of heavy equipment.

5. Trail improvement

6. Clearing the dam.

7. New gates


Almost all of this is manual labor and Chain saws.


What do we get in return. A place to have Tactical reenactments, camping, shooting, hiking, fishing. Do you want to get away from your life for a weekend, job, family, city, HER, and enjoy a quite place in the country, a place to get lost a place for just the guys or for the family and a place to re-enact, this is the place. It is beautiful, 10 acre lake, stocked, hardwood forest, cedar forest, wonderful wildlife, beautiful wild flowers, Mike is letting us have this place to use so long as we take care of it, FREE of charge.


Please help me make this a Re-enactor paradise, the place to be in Missouri for Tactical re-enactment, our Valhalla.





labor Day

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Labor Day Weekend the 29th PGR will host a WW II Tactical at Camp Siman. This is by invitation only and persons other than 6th Corps members must be approved either by Chris Adams or myself. Chris's group will be running the event that weekend. More will be posted as soon as Chris and his group final the plan. The focus of this event is to get a feel for how Camp Siman may be used for future events, in other words we need to play around a few times before the, what I hope will be the big event in Feb 2016.


There will be camping from Friday through Sunday. Fishing will be allowed during the weekend. Live fire can take place in the evening after the tactical and after all personal is cleared and I decide it is safe to proceed with such.


As usual bring all that you need. The new M15-PT1 latrine should be installed by then, no more 5 gal bucket toilet, this has a real toilet seat!


MAKE SURE YOU GO TO THE STORE AND BUY NEW BUG JUICE!!! TRY TO GET ANYTHING WITH DEET IN IT, IT WORKS. You will have to go to a sporting goods store or Uncle Sams to find it the greater the % of DEET the better, Walgreens ect do not carry it.