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Regulations for Military Vehicles

Posted on December 3, 2014 at 9:30 PM


Regulations for Military Vehicles

Attending 6th Corps Events

Weather: When the 6th Corps LHG STL MO is the hosting, or co-hosting, group, we are the Temporary Stewards of the event site property. To ensure the continued use of the site and the happiness of the owner, we reserve the right to regulate the movement and placement of all Historic Military Vehicles (HMV) and Private owned vehicles (POVs) at any of our events. Our goal is to limit any property damage, intentional or unintentional.

If the Weather forecast is calling for inclement weather, the conditions will be monitored closely. While the 6th Corps encourages having Military Vehicles in the camp areas, if the weather or ground conditions worsens, all military vehicles will be relocated to prearranged area. This area will be either be a hard packed surface or a paved area. The destruction and rutting of the Camp sites will be kept to a minimum. The four Liaison Officers and the Provost Marshall will answer any questions in regards to access by vehicle to any camp sites at any time and indicate the alternate arraignment.


All vehicles must be licensed and titled to the owner or owners and must show proof.

Must have proof of current and up to date insurance in the owner / owner’s name.

Vehicle must be in good running condition.

All lights must be in operational order – headlights, break lights, taillights, etc.

All vehicles must carry a working (modern) fire extinguisher.

Vehicle brakes must be able to stop the GWV of vehicle.

All local and state laws pertaining to operating a motorized vehicle must be followed. (REMEMBER WE ARE NOT THE ACTUAL MILITARY EVEN THOUGH THE PUBLIC SOMETIMES THINKS SO).

Owner / owners and drivers must have common knowledge of operating the vehicle. (You may be asked).

It is HIGHLY suggested that all vehicles (except motorcycles) display an orange triangle (SLOW MOVING VEHICLE SIGN) while being driven on public roads. (THE VEHICLE COMING UP ON YOU AT 60MPH MAY NOT REALIZE THAT YOU ARE ONLY GOING 30 MPH UNTIL IT IS TOO LATE). These can be removed at events and displays. When towing a trailer one should be on the rear of trailer.


Towed artillery pieces will have a break light on barrel or orange triangle attached.

Safety chains will be used on all trailers, artillery pieces and anything else being towed by a vehicle.


All vehicles will be inspected before start / before departure back.

Must have a designated lead and follow vehicle marked with signs / flags.

Drivers must follow orders given by designated convoy commander.

All drivers / passengers will sign a liability waiver before departure. *

suggested that rear vehicle display a yellow caution light.

All vehicles need to be fueled up before departure including jerry can if vehicle has one.

Must follow the safety rules listed above.

All firearms transported in a vehicle must be unloaded and cased until event or display site is reached (a parade would be considered a display site). This includes pistols and blank guns. (This is IL state law.)

Drivers and passengers that own firearms that are to be transported in a vehicle must have a valid FOID card and must show card before departure. (IL residents only.)

Suggested that drivers have some form of communication. Lead and rear vehicles this is a must. (Nextel, FRS radio, etc.).

Glow-orange armbands will be worn by driver on left arm for signaling. These will be provided. (It is very hard to see an OD sleeve against an OD vehicle).

Any time-period of military vehicle may participate in convoys if it is in military configuration.

In the field for tactical use at events

Light- weight vehicles must have two ground guides. Motorcycles excluded.

Trucks must have four ground guides.

If at all possible stay on roadways or use ground guides.

Firearms / Sidearm in the vehicle for tactical use at events

No firearms are to be loaded inside a vehicle while vehicle is in movement, including sidearm.

No firing weapons from any vehicle (ONLY PEDESTAL MOUNTED WEAPONS MAY BE FIRED.) *

*Per situation and only with drivers permission.

Signed Waiver is to hopefully protect vehicle owner / owners from any liability resulting from any mishap that could occur to any other participating military vehicle while participating in an organized convoy.

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