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Safety and Authenticity

Posted on December 3, 2014 at 9:35 PM

6th Corps Living History Group, St Louis, MO Safety & Authenticity Guidelines.

We sponsor Living History Events. Next to Safety, Authenticity is our #1 goal.

All Living Historians, Re-enactors, large Units and Vehicle owners please read the following. We do WW II, if it did not exist during WW II, leave it home. If you are not sure, leave it home or ask 6th Corps. The following Guidelines are to be strictly enforced during the Public hours of all 6th Corps Events. Reproductions or reasonably accurate copies and Early Korean War in most cases OK, ask for approval if not sure.

Tents: We would like to see as much WW II canvas as possible. All US tents, fly's and tarps will be canvas with the exception of the WW II Mountain tents and their Korean war M-48 & 49 models. Button or snap G.I. pup tents OK. The post WW II GP Series of Small, Medium, Large and Command tents are OK. Everything needs to de OD, no black, brown, white or gray canvas fly's, unless correct for your nationality. 1940's civilian camping tents for Home Front OK. Other Nations, Germany, Russia, Great Britain and her Commonwealth and all others must be period correct with their tents.


If the interior of your tent is display, it will be period correct. If it is private and closed to the public, we don't care.

Camp accessories: During public hours it will be 1944.

Cell phones, similar electronics and Bic lighters were not invented yet, they should be used discretely. Is there any way to disguise a plastic water bottle? During public hours you must use your canteen cup or other appropriate Military or period drinking container.

NO camp chairs, NO plastic garden chairs, NO Bag Chairs please use period looking Wood folding chairs or old metal folding chairs (painted OD in color, US).

NO modern coolers unless in your private tent.

NO plastic tables unless covered completely, or in special display areas to be designated by 6th Corps.

All wooden and metal crates must serve some purpose for the impression or display and look period.

Uniforms and appearance:

We follow the HRS Safety and Authenticity rules:

All we ask is that you do it right.

Safety and Authenticity


Hair will be military correct for your impression and nationality.

Beards & Mustaches will be military correct for your impression and nationality.


NO live ammunition on the event site PERIOD.

NO non-period weapons on event site PERIOD this included CCW weapons. Leave them in your POV.

FIRING of blanks or gas guns at the event is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless approved by the Provost Marshal in advance.

Exceptions to this include per-approved weapons demonstrations and public battle skirmishes.

NO egged weapons shall be attached to a rifle even if they are scabbarded.

At all times weapons shall be displayed and handled in a safe and appropriate manner.

Public Battle Skirmishes:

Pre-approved skirmishes are welcome but need pre-approval by event staff..

Standard weapon firing safety rules apply.

No hand-to-hand combat is allowed unless pre-approved by the Provost Marshal in advance and all involved parties agree.


Driving of POV's and military vehicles on site during event hours is STRICTLY PROHIBITED unless approved by the Provost Marshal or event staff MP's in advance.

An on- site speed limit of 5 MPH will be enforced.


Please dispose of all trash in the provided waste & trash receptacles. Let's leave the event site in the same condition as you have found it.

Large Units: When large units wish to attend a 6th Corps Event whom we do not know we may ask for photos of there most recent camp display to verify the authenticity of that group.

MVPA: We Appreciate the contribution the MVPA makes to any event and we appreciate the great expense your hobby is. When the MVPA has vehicles at any 6th Corps Event and the vehicle is not WW II and is located away from the WW II display area we are less concerned with camp chairs, pop-up's etc. If their WW II Vehicle is parked in the WW II display area, please be in the spirit of your vehicle and the Event and use appropriate chairs and dress accordingly if possible.

We are not stich Nazis nor are we going to check your helmet liner, or the color of the buckle on your chinstrap, you may be wearing Korean War chevrons but that makes you look bad not us or if your canteen or mess set is Viet Nam, so what. You are Living Historians and Re-enactors, please respect yourself and your fellow re-enactors by doing it right.

Please comply with all reasonable staff requests. This final arbitrator of all disagreements is the Provost Marshal. Remember we are all guests at this event. Please leave all political and divisive talk and actions at home.

Failure to comply with the Safety and Authenticity will result in action to be taken by the Provost Marshal which could lead up to EJECTION from the event.

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