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Posted on January 14, 2016 at 10:55 PM



Last night I sent a very angry and disjointed email about Camp Siman, it was not intended for everyone, just a few.


Please read this email and please respond to me.


The two Living History Events which 6th Corps had hosted are now gone, Doolittle and Stars & Stripes. I want to concentrate on Camp Siman for fun and Tacticals.


Mike Siman has presented to our group exclusively the use of 157 acres to do what we want for reenacting. The trade off is to help clear the dam and to improve the property. Mike has stated that he will take NO part of the gate fee from any event we host. The original idea was to take the gate fee and use it to give gas bounty to vehicles owners for Stars & Stripes, now that money will be used to supply gas bounty for Camp Siman as well as to help finance the improvements and in time to buy our own insurance for events.


6th Corps has @ 40 members, thus far only one third of that number have helped with any of the work, and the others have not even set foot on the property. I want to think that our group is better than that. We really need the support of all the members. Granted I do understand that some work on weekends, others live too great a distance and some have physical issues which prevent them for helping. We all have a life which only allows a limited time for our hobby, I'm just asking that you try to set a day or so to help out. We have been working on Camp Siman for 14 months now, yes over one year.


As of this date, most of the main roads are open to vehicle movement of all types. Some need work still. The Reception Center is almost complete, the Containment Area is only 30 % complete. There is one pit toilet on site, in time there will be four. The pistol range is started. We have a large fire pit, two cooking grates and a BBQ pit on site with picnic tables and four burn barrels. And the dam is well on the way to being cleared.


When I ask for work days that means a lot of different things. Working on clearing the dam is most important but there are other things which we need to do to make this site perfect. I need help with burning four huge brush piles, this is the best time of year for that. There are two picnic tables which need new tops put on them, the replacement wood is on site, need tools hardware and workers to do it. There are camp sites which need to be cleared. Roads to be opened up by trimming back or cutting down trees. Tires and plies of broken glass and trash to be removed. Rock to be moved to make more fire pits in the camp areas. Piles of tree trunks to be moved from the dam to the camp sites and cut into fire wood, piles of tree trunks in the camp areas to be cut into fire wood. Gates to be painted and eventually to be replaced. New gates to be added to certain areas. Trails to be cleared. And more.


What is the plain?

1. Finish clearing the Allied Camp, one - two days depending on people and chain saws. then the other three camps.

2. Burn brush piles

3. Clear and repair Gate one. Needs new post and trees removed.

4. improve sections of roads, pick and shovel or some kind of heavy equipment.

5. Trail improvement

6. Clearing the dam.

7. New gates


Almost all of this is manual labor and Chain saws.


What do we get in return. A place to have Tactical reenactments, camping, shooting, hiking, fishing. Do you want to get away from your life for a weekend, job, family, city, HER, and enjoy a quite place in the country, a place to get lost a place for just the guys or for the family and a place to re-enact, this is the place. It is beautiful, 10 acre lake, stocked, hardwood forest, cedar forest, wonderful wildlife, beautiful wild flowers, Mike is letting us have this place to use so long as we take care of it, FREE of charge.


Please help me make this a Re-enactor paradise, the place to be in Missouri for Tactical re-enactment, our Valhalla.





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