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labor Day

Posted on August 3, 2015 at 8:30 PM



Labor Day Weekend the 29th PGR will host a WW II Tactical at Camp Siman. This is by invitation only and persons other than 6th Corps members must be approved either by Chris Adams or myself. Chris's group will be running the event that weekend. More will be posted as soon as Chris and his group final the plan. The focus of this event is to get a feel for how Camp Siman may be used for future events, in other words we need to play around a few times before the, what I hope will be the big event in Feb 2016.


There will be camping from Friday through Sunday. Fishing will be allowed during the weekend. Live fire can take place in the evening after the tactical and after all personal is cleared and I decide it is safe to proceed with such.


As usual bring all that you need. The new M15-PT1 latrine should be installed by then, no more 5 gal bucket toilet, this has a real toilet seat!


MAKE SURE YOU GO TO THE STORE AND BUY NEW BUG JUICE!!! TRY TO GET ANYTHING WITH DEET IN IT, IT WORKS. You will have to go to a sporting goods store or Uncle Sams to find it the greater the % of DEET the better, Walgreens ect do not carry it.


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